In the 29’th of July, 2003 His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein inaugurated the Prince Faisal Information Technology Center (PFITC) in a ceremony that was attended by Yarmouk University President, his two deputies, deans of colleges, KADDB General Director, his deputy, prominent officers of the Jordanian armed forces, Jordanian air force, and some military attaches and the regional manager of Park Controls & Communications Ltd. of India.

(PFITC) is an entity formed jointly by the King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB), Yarmouk University (YU), and Park Controls & Communications Ltd. of India for the first three years. Then a decision was taken to continue in this venture without Park Controls & Communications Ltd. of India


PFITC is looking forward to fulfill the requirements of the Jordanian armed forces and the local market with a future look to the regional area through providing post graduate studies and technical training for engineers in fields of specialty, also to become a pioneer of introducing a new dimension to the IT Services, Embedded System Design and the related emerging technology areas in the region through cooperation between KADDB and Yarmouk University.


The main mission behind setting up this center is to transfer to Jordan and the Middle Eastern area the technical know-how and experience in the emerging technology fields. 


  • Create a national software (modern, low-cost, and easy absorption) as an alternative to foreign software used in defense and industrial equipment, which are often outdated, costly, complex and references (Source Codes) foreign hands that does not allow the user to possess.
  • Self-reliance in strategic software industry and the disposal of foreign dependency, including aid of Yarmouk University Center owns and King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau of competencies and technical capabilities in various fields.
  • Prepare qualified human resources and trained in the field of building embedded systems and software industry, and thus take care of a generation of engineers and specialists trained in the latest methods and techniques used in the field of building systems and devices, equipment and associated software.
  • Continuous and relentless pursuit to keep up with scientific and technical developments accelerated in the relevant industrial environments and acquire the latest practices in this area and take advantage of them.
  • Contribute actively to the development of appropriate solutions, current and future technical Amaadil, which exposed equipment and systems in the military and civilian institutions.
  • Contribute effectively to the modernization and upgrading of equipment, military and civilian, especially those that came out of the service or stopped production, supply and technical support in the exporting countries lines.