• I have graduated from the center (415) students from the Master's degree within the specialty of Computing / Embedded Systems Engineering, including 245 students from the armed forces of Jordan and security services officers in addition to 150 students from Jordanian civilian workers in the public and private sectors At the level of the region has been the rehabilitation of 20 students, mostly from the Bahrain defense force officers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and some of the envoys officers from the United Arab Emirates in addition to asking envoys from Saudi Arabia cultural Mission and one of the envoys from Yemen brother, while the number of students at the school in this Specialization amounts (47) asking them to (18) students from the Jordanian armed forces officers and the rest civilians.
  • As a graduate from the center (31), a student of Master's degree specialization within the wireless communications engineering in addition to (13) a student in school, all within this specialization of the Jordanian armed forces and security services officers.
  • I've been holding (48) specialized technical course in various engineering fields within the specialty of Computing / Embedded Systems Engineering within the areas of operating systems and various programming languages ​​and techniques of communication and management of telecommunications services was trained in the Jordanian armed forces and security services officers, including King Abdullah II Center design and development as well as some civilians, the participants of the envoys officers of the Bahrain Defence force in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who participated by more than (75%) of these courses.
  • The draft implementation of the modernization and development of the two stations to the electronic screening systems operating in the Jordanian Armed Forces included modifying the (Hardware) and the (Software).